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For a Fee of Two Shillings video

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Good food the key to living the good life with diabetes

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The destructive impact of diabetes on individuals, families and communities is so serious that communities and individuals should be getting a clear message to take action, says Diabetes New Zealand. Rangiputa resident, author, educationalist and nutritionist Faye Whittaker says although it’s not easy to alter a regular and familiar diet, attention to the nutritional value of the food we eat... read more

Inspiring, nutritious and a good read

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FAYE WHITTAKER’S ‘Intricious’, is a simply intriguing read. You’ll want to to read this one like you do a novel, or at least put aside an extra five minutes every time you contrive a kitchen concoction and fill yourmind with the complete 3D nutritional understanding of your culinary creation. Wheat free, sugar free, dairy free, meat free, nightshade free and... read more