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Food For Thought – Family Care

Posted by Faye Whittaker on

Chronic pain caused by Faye Whittaker’s rheumatoid arthritis led to a strong interest in the properties of different foods and their effects on the body. When she was first diagnosed Faye spent five weeks in hospital and was told she would eventually require a wheelchair. “I couldn’t brush my own hair, or shower or feed myself, and I slept 18... read more

A Journey through Rheumatoid Arthritis healthy options

Posted by Faye Whittaker on

Looking back, the early symptoms were easy to ignore. In fact the very first was painless bleeding gums. I was travelling in Scotland at the time, (March 1992) when, in an attempt to heal my mouth, I resorted to buying an herbal mouthwash. Two bottles later I was still spitting pink toothpaste. I gave up the wash and ignored the... read more

Recipe for life – Live

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Former local woman Faye Whittaker talks about the crippling disease that led her to write two books and forced her to radically change the way she lived her life. “I went out to lunch one day and as I went to pick up the knife and fork suddenly my hands felt like they had been jammed in a car door.”... read more